Having spent a long time fundraising for other charities, raising over £8000 in the process, we registered as a charity with the intention of running our own projects. On this page you can find a brief overview of all of our active projects.

We have no paid members of staff and very few overheads. If you’d like to donate, click here.

Asylum seeker support

Philanthrobeats have been supporting individual asylum seekers in a variety of different ways, ranging from paying emergency accommodation for an individual who would have otherwise been street homeless, to paying for art supplies for someone studying at college. The money we use for this project all come from our club nights, so funds are limited. However, if you think that there is something we can help you out with please get in touch.

We accept requests from both individuals and agencies, but please bear in mind that our resources are limited and should only be used if there are no other alternatives.

Music classes

We have secured a limited amount of money from the wonderful people over at Lush to run music classes for asylum seeker & refugee children. We believe that music, and the opportunity to learn an instrument, is an incredible tool for personal development. Starting from November, our six volunteer music tutors will each be paired up with a child from an asylum seeker or refugee background to teach them how to play an instrument for an initial period of six months, and hopefully longer. Philanthrobeats will buy the child an instrument, and whatever other materials are required, and pay for all volunteer expenses. We are hoping to expand this project in the future to include children from different backgrounds.

Clubbing media project

We are currently in the process of making a short documentary focused on how clubbing in Scotland can move forward post referendum, partly in response to the tragic deaths of clubbers in recent history. We will be interviewing people involved in the world of clubbing on how they think nightlife in Scotland can not only become safer, but improve too. We will consult club owners, promoters, politicians, and punters. Our documentary will be posted on our website as soon as it is finished.