EP4 [Artwork by Ella Russel]


EP3 [Artwork by Jamie Donald]

The third installment of the PB EP series pays homage to arguably Detroit’s finest export: techno.

Friend of PB, Magil, is an Edinburgh-based producer and promoter of techno and bass club night, SERV. His contribution to the EP is two driving, fast-paced floor fillers which we anticipate hearing on dancefloors across Glasgow.

PB Resident Janneman provides two softer numbers to complement Magil’s sound and remind us all that techno has the innate ability to cuddle our eardrums as well as perforate them…


EP2 [Artwork by Calum Loudon]

For this release, we’ve invited three producers from outwith our resident pool to contribute some tracks. A mixture of trippy, ethereal sounds that nicely compliment the hazy Scottish summer we’ve been lucky enough to have this year. Let this EPs sounds warm your soul as the sun takes a bow and makes way for a wet and windy winter.

MermaidS (and the associated DJ due Mount Heart Attack) have been regular fixtures of Philanthrobeats’ music choice since our humble beginnings. We are delighted to include ‘La Beurre’ one of their slow but warm and buttery creations in this EP release.

Continually active since 2007, Mr Tuner is now a stalwart of the Glasgow music scene, and has DJed, produced and promoted events under an ever-growing array of aliases. His latest project is called Handpicked and boasts a collection of Cassette-Only releases, drawing from the untapped hip-hop talent of his local peers, and those from much further afield. His contribution, aptly named ‘Money’, is a bassy and slightly stoned tribute to a 2005 release we all recognise and love (to hate?).

Also on this release we welcome Comrade Massie, yet another producer with many aliases under his belt. This glitchy and disjointed LA-beat inspired production is one of those tracks that totally works because it doesn’t seem like it should work at all. Perfect.


EP1 [Artwork by Katie Alcock.]

The first in our series of FREE EP features a mixture of PB residents and collaborators. Each track holds its own unique style, and yet they gel perfectly to form an EP debute that we are thrilled to release.

JD Twitch
Tom Burford
Forty Winks